The President

The President, the legal representative of the Foundation, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
He is also in charge of managing and developing relationships with the authorities and the Public Administration.

The President in charge is Cesare Avenia.

The Honorary President

The Honorary President is – Prof. Gian Luigi Tosato.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Foundation, responsible for the budget and the final account. The Board approves, in addition, the activities and projects of the Foundation and assesses the technical and economical feasibility of projects.

In addition to the President, the members of the Board of Directors are:

Innocenzo Cipolletta
Enrico Giovannini
Maurizio Ghergo
Federico Rigoni

The Secretary General

The Secretary General oversees the organization of the Foundation, working out the annual program of activities and coordinating its projects. He collaborates with the Board of Directors in order to achieve the annual targets.
He guarantees the proper management of the funds allocated by the Board of Directors. He is also responsible for the operational management and the staff. Finally, he prepares an annual report on the activities.

The Secretary General in charge is Alessio Zagaglia.

The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is composed of members chosen from qualified representatives of the academic, cultural and civil sector, both nationally and internationally. Its task is to work out a strategic plan proposal and to provide advice regarding the programs and activities of the Foundation.

The components of the Scientific Committee are:

Paolo Boccardelli – Coordinator
Attilio Celant
Luca De Biase
Mauro Fabris
Franco Fontana
Chiara Giovenzana
Gaetano Maria Golinelli
Agostino La Bella
Gennaro Luise
Gian Paolo Manzella
Enrico Martinelli
Carlo Maria Medaglia
Luigi Paganetto
Marzia Roncacci
Gianluca Vagnani
Riccardo Varaldo
Dario Zerboni

The Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors supervises the financial management of the Foundation, controls the accounting records and reviews the proposed budget.

The members of the Board of Auditors are:

Amedeo Liberatori – President
Giovanni Fiori
Marco Santaniello